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We're Hiring

We're looking for talented developers who are interested in crafting innovative web applications and maintaining existing ones that are beloved by hundreds of customers.

As a small company, we don't have the rigid process that larger companies have. Instead, we thrive in running our business like a startup. This means that you'll have a say in the direction of the company and will be able to make large impact in our company's future.

In terms of skillset, we are looking for people with the following:

  • Well versed in HTML and CSS
  • Good to great Ruby and Rails knowledge and experience
  • SQL database experience, such as with MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Frontend framework experience, such as with React or Vue.js
  • Deployment experience, ranging from bare-metal servers to Kubernetes

You do not need all of the above skills, but high proficiency in at least one. Most importantly, you should display a desire to learn.

How we’re different

We are a completely bootstrapped company. We believe in iterating, and that getting things done is more important than getting it perfect right off the bat.

We value clear working hours and personal hours separation. We do not expect or want our employees to sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of the company. Long term sustainability is how we want to build our company.

There is no formal application. Send an email introducing yourself to [email protected].